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At Lux, we go above and beyond to help you plan the perfect business itineraries throughout the year. However, rather than simply booking a flight and sending you on your way, we want to understand your travel patterns, where you travel most frequently, how long are you away for, how you like to travel and with whom…

A dedicated account manager and support team will learn all of your business travel habits, from frequently visited destinations, routing, duration of trips and class of travel and provide strategic advice and a bespoke travel plan demonstrating how to combine trips and take advantage of our negotiated airfares and hotel rates. We’ve worked with business executives and corporations for over 35 years, understanding these critical factors to ensure we offer only the best in travel solutions. Furthermore we are extremely sensitive to communication channels – we understand at times we will be dealing with PA’s whilst at others the client would prefer to speak to us directly and we therefore tailor all our responses accordingly.

Subsequently we constantly analyze and track our clients ongoing travel patterns in order to pre-empt future needs and ensure we are in a position to offer the most suitable routing, timing and best prices. From single bookings to multi-sector itineraries, we provide a reliable, cost-effective service that also allows you the opportunity to request add-ons and upgrades.

We also have flexible payment options to help you better manage your travel budgets throughout the year.
At the Lux Travel Group we pride ourselves on ensuring each unique request is handled with meticulous precision to provide our travellers a smooth end to end journey. We offer you the very best service designed by us, tailored to you.