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When I founded Lux Travel more than 35 years ago, I set out to provide the very best customer service. I wanted to get to know my clients and their families, understand their travel preferences and favourite destinations and add value and enhance experiences at every step. It is my true passion to organise incredible trips all over the world whilst saving clients time and money.

Over the years the Lux team has grown and with it our resolve to offer the best travel services, staying one step ahead of the industry.

My team come from a variety of backgrounds spanning corporate law, hotels, airlines and tour operators. Together we have travelled to more than 120 countries giving us a depth of knowledge that few can match.

Travel has the power to create memories, to bring together families and to open our eyes to new cultures and possibilities. It is my firm belief that immersing yourself within a new destination is the best form of education.

My team and I remain at your disposal.

Roger Samtani,

Founder & CEO