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Besides looking after your travel planning, we are always considering how we can enhance your overall experience whilst abroad. We are delighted to offer a full concierge service including restaurant recomendations and bookings, tickets for theatre and concerts, transfer services, private jets, spa services and more. We are aware that business travel can be stressful and often you will have enough on your mind so we take the stress out of travelling and let you focus on what’s most important. From an impossible to book restaurant, a sold out show or hard to find handbag we have the right contacts in just the right places to help deliver on your special requests.

We are also great trouble shooters; recently one of our newest clients was away for business in France, arrived at the airport and was quickly in a taxi on the way to his hotel and meeting. In a rush he had left his laptop and case with all the notes for his meeting at baggage claim. He immediately called us to investigate, fully expecting the laptop to have been stolen or destroyed by security. 15 minutes later we had tracked down the laptop and within an hour it arrived in the releived client’s hotel room. He made his meeting, signed off the business and was back at home later that evening.

No matter what the situation, we will be here to help you have the smoothest possible journey.