Key Benefits :

Number of Passengers:

Private Jet travel, whether as a luxury or a necessity, opens up a world of flexibility. Booking with Lux Jets is the easiest and most efficient way of ensuring the perfect flight, with all of the ancillary services and amenities you could ever wish for.

  • Flexible departure times and locations based on your preferences.
  • Access to our industry-leading portfolio of private jets at highly negotiated, discounted, rates.
  • Aircraft upgrades and special amenities.
  • Private terminals on departure and arrival.
  • Customised meal and beverage options tailored to your specific requirements.
  • A dedicated team of highly-trained cabin crew there for your comfort and safety.
  • Access to our global ground transportation network and hotel partners to ensure a VIP experience throughout your trip.

Empty Legs

An empty leg occurs whenever a private jet is chartered for a single, one way trip. The plane must return to its home airfield and will often do so empty. When this happens there is the opportunity to charter the plane at a greatly discounted rate.

We have an extensive network of jet brokers we can call upon to track down the ideal empty leg just for you. With such a prevalence of private aviation, we are confident that we will be able to find the ideal routing and timing to suit your itinerary.

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